Chocolate cake: The Healthy and Delicious Cake

Cake is well-loved time after time. It suits any time, event, and occasion. It includes for party like birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Cake becomes the most important part as there is special part which involves cake. It is cutting cake. In wedding, commonly, it is only symbolic event. It means the cake is not really […]

The Catering Supplies and Its Double Roles for the Party

The Catering Supplies become the important part of the whole wedding ceremony or party plan. The catering supply has the close relationship with the natural habit of human being for getting the best consumption during their pleasant moment. The perfect supply can add the higher satisfied feeling. Based on that reason, it must be planned […]

Wedding Cards New For The Great Wedding Cards

Getting the wedding cards new can be the best choice for you in your wedding party. Do you know that wedding card can represent your feeling? Therefore, if you can get this one in new formation, this one will represent you beautiful feeling in new life with your couple. Besides, you also should think about […]

Cake Supplies, What Kind of Tools to Have for Beginner?

A cakery or cake shop has specialty in producing and selling cakes and other baked goods. They can also sell supplies for cake making and decorating. If you want to make a cake, you will need a bunch of tools. This article tries to list some most important cake supplies that you must have in […]

Color Inspiration for Bridesmaid Dresses

The color ideas we share today are beautiful for bridesmaid dresses. Remember, this is not only bride dress you should notice. The bridesmaid dress designs are able to perfect your wedding concept. The colors are inspirational and will be able to enhance your good mood. More than that, it is such refreshing colors in your […]